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  Our company was established in 1995. Then, in 1998, we moved into our newly built premises, from which we have continued to grow and expand our product range into the toolmaking and mold making sectors. Since then, the company produces under the name

- Pelz Zerspanungstechnik & Werkzeugbau -

Our strengths are make-to-order, small batch and prototype production. We deliver special productions and custom solutions within very short times.

Our careful investments over the years have continuously improved the capacity and flexibility of our company. That means we can process our customers' orders faster and at higher quality than ever.

We process electronic workpiece data on our CAD/CAM systems, then send the data for machining on modern CNC mill and drill centers.

This allows us not only to respond more quickly and flexibly to varying customer requests, but also to produce geometrically complex workpiece contours.

We wish to uphold a high level of professional education in our industry, as a way to maintain our own perfectly qualified staff. We have therefore been training apprentices since 1997.

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